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Aim to Recycle is one of the largest family-run recycling companies in the North East. We offer a diverse range of recycling services and handle a wide variety of materials, including both light commercial and industrial heavy waste.

We work with many small businesses producing minimal waste looking to do their bit for the environment, as well as a number of larger organisations producing various types and quantities of recyclable materials. All materials received from commercial waste are segregated for recycling or safe disposal, these include various grades of paper, cardboard, plastics, polythene, wood, metal and more. If you require further information on the type or grade of your material, our environmental specialists can identify the product in our onsite lab and offer you professional advice.

All our customers can look forward to a quick and safe turnaround, resulting in minimised waste and expenditure. Our full range of recycling materials services includes contract baling, trailer and container loading, on-site weighbridge for accurate and detailed reporting. In addition, we offer a small mixed recycling collection service and are also able to offer a rebate on various high volume and ready segregated collections.

Operating a high capacity baling plant, we can assist with all of your business’s recycling needs and work with you to improve your waste management. Contact us and speak to a member of our team to find out more.

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