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Plastic recycling

Aim to Recycle are the go-to specialists when it comes to plastic recycling in the North East of England. As we are able to recycle both soft and hard plastics at our facility we cut out the middle man, saving your business both time and money whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

In the UK alone over 5 million tonnes of plastic is used each year, of which only an estimated 24% is recycled. At Aim to Recycle we will ensure that all plastics collected are safely and properly segregated to remove any contamination risks before they are entered into the recycling process. All items are then sorted and baled before they are classed as ready to be reproduced into new packaging products.

Plastic bottle recycling process:

  • Plastic bottles collected, baled and segregated
  • Labels removed and bottles cleaned
  • Made into pellets to be manufactured into new bottles

Our plastic recycling process also includes polythene, which is cleaned before being melted down into pellets for manufacturing into bin bags, visqueen and more. All rigid plastics are sorted, granulated and sent to be made into pellets to be used in blow mounding and injection moulding applications.

Aim to Recycle can offer a free expert consultation on how to take a step-by-step approach to reaching your environmental goals with ease. For more information on plastic recycling in Gateshead, contact us today.

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