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Wood recycling

At Aim to Recycle we handle a range of hard and soft wood wastage generated from the construction and commercial industry including flooring, MDF, plywood, doors and frames, chipboard, offcuts and more.
The UK is responsible for approximately 4.5 million tons of wood wastage every year and with a growing increase in the costs associated with landfills and haulage, more businesses are adopting more sustainable processes and methods to improve the amount of wood being wasted.

As a result there has been a wide increase in the market for this type of recycling. Wood can be recycled into a number of products including hardwearing ground coverings, panel board, animal bedding and more recently, biomass fuel.

To arrange a wood recycling consultation with a member of our team get in touch with us today. Our service includes a free waste audit and a tailor made approach to reaching your environmental goals with ease, from collection to sorting and recycling.

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